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Terrazzo and Marble

Terrazzo is a faux-marble countertopping made up of marble chips and/or other fine aggregates set in a cementitious or epoxy binding material then ground level. Find out more about Terrazzo here.

Complete Renovation and Cleaning

Terrazzo and Marble can suffer severe erosion and abrasion due to incessant pedestrian traffic if they are not properly maintained.

This corrosion can produce a rather unsightly and decaying surface which diminishes the ideal environment of any location and proves very difficult for those responsible to maintain.

However, these surfaces can be rejuvenated. This can be achieved through a variety of methods, from inexpensive purification liquids which eliminate any accumulation of dirt and previous polishes, to more comprehensive restoration schemes that can include one or all of the following:


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We also offer a full range of Window cleaning services as well as providing building, cladding and paving cleaning services.

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